Updated fees for 2018

Application Fees

Application fees are effective January 5, 2018 unless otherwise stated.

Prices are based on the building’s total floor area (except for MURB):

  • Include interior and/or underground parking in the building size. Do not include external parking.
  • Application fees do not include applicable taxes.



Fees in the Single Stream are incurred once every three years (each certification cycle)

Low-Rise buildings must have at minimum two (2) floors above ground and four (4) dwelling units.



All Portfolio fees represent annual fees.

* Universal buildings that meet the definition of educational campuses (e.g. university, college, etc.) may be eligible for reduced fees of $0.0062 /square foot (i.e. $6.2 per 1,000 square feet).

** Portfolios with Light Industrial, Open Air Retail, and MURB buildings that meet a minimum portfolio size of 5 buildings are eligible for these reduced fees.

For more information, download the Portfolio Program Guide.



This rate is an introductory rate.

Charities and non-profits receive a 50% discount.

For more information, download the Sustainable Workplaces Guide.